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sphurad-amala-kiritam kinkini-kankanarham
chalad-alaka-kapolam kundala-sri-mukhabjam
tuhina-giri-manojnam nila-meghambaradhyam
hala-muṣala-visalam kama-palam samide
  (Sri Garga-samhita: 8.13.4)

“I praise the fulfiller of desires, Sri Balaram. He carries a grand plow and club. He wears a shining, spotless crown, tinkling bells, and jeweled ornaments. His handsome lotus face is ornamented with earrings. Curling locks decorate His cheeks. His complexion resembles a beautiful snow-capped mountain, and is adorned with garments the colour of dark-blue clouds.”

This Monday 7th August is the celebration of the Divine Appearance of Lord Baladev, Lord Krishna’s brother. We will be holding a grand festival at Sri Govinda Dham in the evening beginning with kirtan, prayers and Guru Arati at 4pm. Sri Gaura Arati will be at 6pm followed by Tulasi Arati and prasadam feast. All Welcome.