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This weekend is the celebration of the Ratha Yatra festival of Sri Jagannathdev. On Saturday we observe the disappearance festival of Srila Gadadhara Pandit and Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur. Normally Gundicha Marjan falls on the following day but this year Gundicha Marjan is also on the Saturday due to the movements of the Moon. We will be remembering Mahaprabhu’s cleaning of the Gundicha temple and have a day of cleaning planned at Sri Govinda Dham on Saturday. On Sunday we will hold a celebration in honour of Sri Jagannathdev and his Ratha Yatra festival starting at 4pm. The evening arati will be at 6pm followed by Tulasi Arati and a grand feast. For further info please contact 0266795541. All Welcome. Jay Sri Jagannath Jay Sri Baladev Jay Sri Subhadra!